“A year a go I wrote the following about Hessler and their (then) latest offering: “they just need a tweak in fuel to get that engine really revving high so we can all appreciate it,” and with new singer Jessikill joining their ranks, I think they may have found that missing ingredient. There’s not one bad song on this effort. what comes out in its place is a commercial hit that proves this band really can write a top, top tune.” - Ross Welford, Uber Rock UK (Aug 15, 2014)

“Hessler have definitely gotten better recording wise with the addition of Jessikill. Suffice to say I have been playing Ghost Dance non-stop ever since receiving it in the mail and I love it a little more each time. This is definitely one of my favorite CDs of 2014 thus far, and I can’t wait to see Hessler play these songs live!”

Olivier, Sleaze Roxx (Jun 10, 2014)
“Big, hook-laden songs with some killer twin guitar work, pummeling rhythms, and screaming vocals….and it works pretty well. Case in point, take the multi-tempo track “All You’ve Done (Nothing Is New)”. On this song, things kick off with a chugging NWOBHM guitar rhythm before adjusting to a more bouncy style for the lyrics, then bursting into an arena rock-styled anthem complete with gang-shouted vocals.

Glitter2Gutter, Glitter2Gutter (Jun 08, 2013)
“There were plenty of other people who wanted to see the band as well, making it hard to even push through the crowd to get back to where the stage was. The slick guitar notes & rapid, loud drumbeats at the start made it an easy song to headbang to, but they really kicked it up several notches once guitarists, Igz Kincaid and Frankie Sripada, and bassist, Erik Michael, ran all over the stage, not letting the tight, close conditions on stage restrict them in the least. That made it quickly apparent that the live show was where these guys excelled and that this was going to be an assault on all the senses. I mentioned in my review of the previous night that one band put on the best overall show I saw down here in Austin, but Hessler by far put on the most vigorous performance. Like I said, they still managed to tear it up, despite the small stage, & there were even a few moments where Igz stood on a barrel that sit in front of the stage, soloing.”

Jordan Buford, The Music Enthusiast (Apr 17, 2013)

“Other than that musically they breathe heavy metal with a tendency to dirty sleaze. The double guitars are simply awesome giving away for free numerous of imaginative solo works. Furthermore “Comes With The Territory” shares dozens of cool refrains and catchy choruses that will force you to buy the damn thing instantly.”

Crowes n Bones (Nov 27, 2012)
“For being such a young, ambitious Rock outfit, the members of Hessler are incredibly grounded. They know the importance of building an excited, loyal fan following. They also know the value of a conspicuous multi-media presence. As soon as they finish a sweat-drenched live set, you won’t find this quartet indulging in “sex, drugs, Rock ‘n’ Roll” antics. All of them freshen up, grab a quick beer, and immediately head out to the merchandise area to greet fans and sign autographs for hours”

Brigette Sullivan, Examiner.com (Nov 24, 2012)
“Listening to Bad Blood by Hëssler is like driving to the beach in the beginning of summer after your senior year – you are not quite sure what is going to happen next, but you are positive that it will rule. Hëssler sounds as if Scorpions and Warlock hooked up backstage in 1989 – the result a barely legal, slowly maturing band that truly gets it. Dueling guitars, gang vocals, pounding beats, huge choruses and enough sex appeal to warrant taking a cold shower after listening. There are many surprising textures to this album, including sound effects, acoustic guitars and fade out solos”

Johnnie Vrana – Shockwave Magazine

“Hessler’s songs were memorable, their stage show was fun and over the top, but best of all there is something unique about each member and their individual performances. That, along with the songs, is what will keep this band rising steadily and help them be something more than just another band with a female singer. There is a hell of a lot to like about Hessler and they already have the energy and marketing smarts to keep rising so you’d be well advised to keep them on your radar.”
John Parks – Legendary Rock Interviews

“’Another band that was a huge surprise was Hessler. With some of the biggest names in rock playing on the adjacent Main Stage and Hard Rock stage, it presented a challenge for the up and coming artists performing on the Retrospect Records stage to bring their A game in order to draw attention. Hessler was up for this challenge. They putt on a performance that was discussed throughout the weekend as one of the breakout performances of the festival by an up and coming band. Their entire set was energetic and fierce. The crowd which grew with each song was filled with energy. It was clear this Chicago band is one to keep on your radar.”
Shawn Kellner – Chicago Music Magazine

“Kicking off the night are local heavy hitters, Hessler. You’ll want to make sure you get to the show in time to catch their ultra-lively set of Rock and Metal. Fronted Lariyah Daniels, her on-stage athleticism and striking good looks are rivaled by her powerful vocals.”
Brigette Sullivan – Examiner.com

“Opening the night with blazing speed was the terrorizing sexual trainwreck, Hessler. This band is a sight to see if you haven’t before. They are young, ambitious, talented and blow away a lot of newer bands by way of performance. With dueling guitar solos a la Iron Maiden or Judas Priest weaving in and out of the powerful melodies of vocalist, Lariyah Daniels, Hessler is a force to be reckoned with.”
Christopher Lee – Chicago Music Magazine

“In effect, guitar-wizardry is evident here with a tremendous bunch of guitar solos. Another thing that impressed me the most about this EP is the vocals. Hëssler is fronted by the gorgeous vocalist and model Lariyah Daniels. She is certainly a powerful female vocalist and completely delivers on all levels. Her vocals range from typical traditional heavy metal to a more melodic sound reminiscent of gothic inspired metal bands. The quick and loud drumming add plenty of heaviness to the EP. In my point of view, they are done right and perfectly fit the album’s overall tone.”
Grave Wish – Encyclopedia Metallum

“From the opening riffs of ‘Shark Attack’, the Chicago band Hessler delivers a punchy, energy-saturated tsunami of hard rock on their 2011 debut, Bad Blood.”
Mario Salazar – Chicago’s Rock

““Windy City Wild Child” is one of the tracks that can make HESSLER a household name. “Windy City Wild Child” will have the clubs rockin’ between the great vocals of Daniels, killer chorus and Igz Kincaid’s licks; I can see the metal horns raised up high!”
Brian Rademacher – Rock Eyez Webzine

“Yet it is the old-school sound and delivery of Hessler that keeps drawing me in”
Skid – Sleaze Roxx
“Hessler are fucking awesome too; they killed me when I saw ‘em. ”
Trevor Fischer – Illinois Entertainer

“‘Windy City, Wild Child is a nice little up-tempo number dedicated to their home town Chicago. Catchy lyrics throughout and a ridiculously good guitar solo after the middle section”
Charlene Rance – Mtuk Metal ‘Zine

“Knowing that they need another option to all the horrible pop diva’s killing rock and roll then Hëssler should be looked at as a blessing. ”
Andy – Heavy Metal Time Machine

“The band HESSLER has been in the Chicago area for a relatively short amount of time, but in that time, they’ve managed to make an impact in the eyes and ears of fans throughout the area with their energetic shows and 24/7 rock ‘n’ roll personas that’ll sometimes make some wonder “…are these guys for real?”. ”
Mario Salazar – Chicago’s Rock – Chicago’s Rock
“HËSSLER is one of the most popular and dynamic bands coming out of the Midwest today.”
Kellie Levans – The Milwaukee Examiner